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Personal Branding Gen Y: Bored Out Of Your Skull!

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College can be a challenging experience for some of us, ok more like most of us. We run out of things to do, we become bored out of our skulls, and then what; we end up wasting tons of time doing stuff that won’t help us in life like playing online games all day, and surfing through youtube.

You’re probably thinking between school, keg parties, hanging out with friends, and work you’d have zero time to do anything. Nope, you couldn’t be farther from it.

In college we end up finding amazing ways to make time fly. We pick up new hobbies, join clubs, make even more friends, but very few of us will ever take the time to realize that it’s crucial to build our personal brands as early as possible.

Here’s a tip I wish I knew when I started college.

Instead of hanging out all day with your friends to make time fly, what about investing it into yourself; your future; by networking with leaders on your campus, professors and staff, and charities that support causes you believe in. Doesn’t that sound a 100% more empowering then hanging out at the mall eating horrible chinese food.

Some of you are thinking, too much homework; huge list of things to do, don’t have the time.

City’s response, “If you’re not ecstatic, supercharged, stoked, amazed beyond infinity about your major, or what you’ll be doing with your career, and even more important your life,; you need to do some serious soul searching, and schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

Its amazing at the things you won’t necessarily learn in college, but can learn while attending. When I started working on my brand being bored became impossible.

Think of your favorite celeb being bored, really think about how stupid that looks. They’re always doing cool new and exciting things, so why not you? ┬áThe truth is you’ve got to find something you love to do, and if you put out the passion, and commitment you’ll always have more then enough energy, time, and commitment to being the best at it.

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Written by citysylvester

August 3, 2010 at 8:51 pm