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Do not throw your life away for your Ex!

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Are you one of those people (what do you mean those people?) who have a girlfriend or boyfriend you’re completely obsessed with? or maybe you know a couple like this.

These relationships consist of short extremely happy moments, followed by months of relapsing depression, crumpled tissues, and maniacal thoughts.

I’ve seen students who had unlimited potential become “F” students, lose scholarships, and even drop out of school because of bad break ups.

Here’s a guide to Getting Through College without Stress From Your EX

1. Think ahead, but stop at paranoid: Ask yourself, what would I do if this person left me, and promise yourself whatever happens you won’t let it get in the way of  your growth and career plans. Promise and believe in the promise.

2. Take it slow: By the time you reach Jr. year some serious hormone changes are going to persuade you to want to start a family. I know you’re thinking women this is mostly women, but surprisingly a lot more men fall into this category, according to a Times magazine article done earlier this year on “Women in Power”.

3. Give each other ample space: Sometimes when we’re completely into someone, we have this animalistic urge to smother the hell out of them. Wrong! Try aiming for frequent breaks, it reduces dependency and actually makes the relationship stronger.

4. Living Together: Don’t do it! This is the worst thing you can do in college. Rarely have I seen this work out.

5. Making Sacrifices Of Time: With moderation ok, but don’t neglect your set goals and throw away growth opportunities for anyone. If the person you’re with cares about you, they’ll want to see you succeed in life, and won’t hold you back.

Remember you’ve got to take responsibility for your career and future. No one’s going to feel sorry for you when you tell them you’re going through a bad break up. They’ll politely empathize with your situation (if that) and continue on with their lives.

One of the most attractive attributes of successful people is their lack of dependency from outer influence. Confuscious says: Look for a partner who can share fun times with you, and not someone to live for.


Written by citysylvester

August 25, 2010 at 4:18 am

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