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The concept of personal branding was first thought to be introduced in 1997 by a man named Tom Peters, an American author who wrote about business management. From that time to now, it has caught on like wildfire.

According to Google Insights, Personal Branding is one of the fastest growing trends in the corporate as well as the entrepreneur markets. As we integrate rapidly into an inevitable global economy, we simply can’t go hunting for the jobs anymore, the jobs have to find us.

If you wanted to start your personal brand today, where would you begin? A common mistake most people make when branding themselves is, creating a brand for themselves that doesn’t align with their passion or true interest in life.

An example would be a college graduate, who’s been working for years in his industry and realizes one day how much he hates his career path. Should he continue because he’s gone so far, or should he stop and reevaluate his image of success?

Personal branding consist of two thing: Doing what you love, and standing out while doing it.

There are 3 simple steps in branding the real you

  • First, find your passion.
  • Second, learn everything you can about it.
  • Third, Share the knowledge you’ve attained.

Personal branding in the beginning is like planting a oak seed. It needs nourishment, space, love, and most importantly time to grow into a giant, a force to reckoned with, a titan you can be proud of.

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